5 Tips On How To Turn On Women

Published: 28th March 2012
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Having hard luck with the ladies lately? These simple tips will help you go a long way in how to turn on women. When a man is attempting to pick up a woman, there are specific important factors that he should constantly keep in mind. He has to entice not only her body, but also her mind. He has to pique her curiosity enough for her to try and get to know him better, and he has to charm her enough so that she cannot say no. Enticing women is not as hard a job as it is generally cracked up to be. Just comply with these simple tips on how to turn on women and you are good to go.

#1 Pay interest to yourself!
Even though it is important to entice her psychologically and emotionally, the first type of contact is eye contact. A woman desires to like what she sees. So dress oneself up. Hit the gym once or twice and work out that extra flab. Women love men with a good physique just as men love women with toned bodies. Wear clean, smart clothes that fit you well, are not loose and scrunched, and most importantly, wear what you feel comfortable in carrying off. Get a nice hairstyle. Just like you like your women to be sexy and presentable women like their men to be hot and sexy too. Put on some good cologne. Nothing entices a woman more than good smell. Choose a masculine yet not too loud fragrance that complements your natural scent. If you pay consideration to yourself, women pay attention to you.

#2 Brush up on the small talk!
Learn to make good, intelligent conversation. Women love a man who knows about the world and its affairs, and is sharp. Be a good listener. Do not constantly try to tell your stories whilst totally snubbing her. Make her laugh. It is not for no reason that funny and humorous men are popular with the ladies. Women love men who are secure enough to make a fool of themselves sometimes, just to make her laugh. Goof around a little. It's not a courtroom after all. Mix things up and learn to steer the conversation on if it drags a little. Always be polite and do not make rude or crude jokes, comments or gestures. Humor is valued, crassness is not.

#3 Becoming a gentleman won't kill you!
Who said chivalry was overrated? Women love men who offer to take their coat, hold the door open for them, help her with her chair etc. Deal with women with respect and dignity and they will love you for it. This does not mean you go overboard, butter her up, and totally lose your own views and ideas. Be polite, but do not be a pushover. Assured men usually know how to turn women on. Keep some mystery alive. Nobody likes to hear their date's sob stories throughout dinner. Be considerate about what she would like to do on a date. It is often better to plan for a date ahead considering it gives you room for carefree romance without having to worry about wherever to go and what to do.

#4 Be a man!
Women go weak in the knees for strong, confident men. Men need to be men. Do not act your feminine side out by bitching about your exes and boss etc as it is a significant turn-off. Take control of situations, ask her up for a dance and lead. Be assured about your body language. Arms hanging loosely by the side or hands tucked in the pocket spell out discomfit or casualness to the woman. Maintain a good lean posture, and do not slouch. Maintain good eye contact. The worst you can do on a date is having your woman catch you ogling at her, or shying away from her. Pay her bills. It is incredibly off putting if men do not at the very least offer to pay for a date. Know how to touch her. A slight grazing of the arm or cheek, or a soft scrub against the lips does wonders to turn on a woman!

#5 Just have some fun!
The most important tip on how to turn on women is that you need to be natural and comfortable, and be able to have fun! If you are not enjoying then the complete enterprise loses its point. Plan out a nice date, pay interest to your date, complement her, be gracious and generous, be confident and laugh with her when she does. Enjoy your time and be natural. The more you try to fake, the more nervous you get and the duller you become. Be happy and cheerful and the energy would be naturally infectious!

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